Mixed Reality Billiards


Conventional input devices such as the mouse and keyboard are unnatural and limited for various forms of human-computer interaction. We have created a tangible user interface that mixes the physical world with a virtual reality billiards game. Our system uses computer vision techniques to analyze images acquired from a single inexpensive digital video camera in real-time in order to passively sense the full 3D pose of a markerless cue stick. A physically-modeled billiards game updates the virtual cue stick to mimic detected poses and shots of the physical cue stick. Our system affords users with a convenient, noninvasive, inexpensive, and natural interface for entertainment or training without requiring a billiards table installation. Moreover, our system is robust to changes in illumination and occlusion and is noteworthy for its use of computer vision as the sole means of sensing user input.

Main points


A paper on this work entitled "A Computer Vision Tangible User Interface for Mixed Reality Billiards" has been accepted for inclusion in the ICME 2008 conference. The work was presented in Hannover, Germany in June, 2008.


Please contact Brian Hammond <mrb at brianhammond dot com> for more information.